National road freight transport award ceremony
Trucks and Roads Award
May 31, 2022
5th award ceremony

New location: Moscow, SAP Innovation Centre,
Kosmodimianskaya embankment, 52, bld. 7
The Russian trucking industry not only plays a crucial role in the country's economy, but also is going through challenging times. Manifestations of the global pandemic crisis and related governmental emergency measures to stabilize the country's economy required road transport operators to act quickly and effectively to adapt to the changing market conditions.
Thus, the unique conditions newly created in the road freight transport market this year will make the Truck & Road Award more and more significant for its winners.

The National Truck & Road Award aims to draw the focus of the Russian business community to positive trends in the trucking market and to encourage companies contributing most to the industry development through their activities.
It is established as a professional and public initiative, as an independent and true assessment of the market players performance.

The Award may be given to industry enterprises, sole proprietors, and individuals in the national road freight transportation and road logistics who achieved high performance and significantly contributed to the industry development, a transparent and organized market for road transport services, large-scale projects, new technologies, equipment and solutions.
The National Award nominees are declared by the Award Expert Board. The self-nomination is also possible.

Award Guideline 2021
Nominations 2021
Commercial trucking company on domestic routes (LCV & CV)
International trucking company
Категория N1, N2 и N3 — транспортные средства, предназначенные для перевозки грузов, имеющие технически допустимую максимальную массу соответственно: до 3,5 тонн, более 3,5 и менее 12 тонн, более 12 тонн.
Commercial trucking company on domestic routes (HCV)
Special trucking
Online service
Award Guideline 2021
National road freight transport award ceremony

1. Objectives of the Award
The National Truck & Road Award is established to:

  • professionally recognize best companies in the industry.
  • promote best business practices.
  • promote best management practices and operation technologies in the industry.
  • recognize most outstanding professionals.
  • enhance the industry public image.
  • form the national trucking ranking.
The Award founders is the Truck & Road information portal.

2. Award Nominees
2.1 The Award shall be companies incorporated and acting in Russia (not recognized as foreign agents), individual entrepreneurs and individuals in the national road freight transportation and road logistics who achieved high performance (according to the criteria developed by the Organizing Committee) and significantly contributed to the industry development, a transparent and organized market for road transport services, large-scale projects, new technologies, equipment and solutions.

2.2 Participation in the Award contest is subject to a fee. The registration fee includes:
  • processing of information and documents to trigger the voting process.
  • publication of the nominated company profiled on the Award website.
  • free participation of one company representative in the awarding ceremony.

3. Award Nominations:
  • Commercial trucking company on domestic routes (LCV & CV)
  • Commercial trucking company on domestic routes (HCV)
  • International trucking company
  • Special trucking*
  • Online service
The Organizing Committee has the right to introduce or exclude nominations during the Award preparation process
One nominee is only eligible to be nominated in one of the nominations.
Note: * A company using special-purpose vehicles for its main business

4. Award Organization Chart
The Organizing Committee and the Jury are the main bodies carrying out the Truck & Road Award.

4.1 Organizing Committee

4.1.1 The Organizing Committee shall be set up and its President shall be approved by the Executive Bodies of the Award founders. The Organizing Committee shall be convened by its Chairman. Decisions shall be made by a majority vote of the Organizing Committee members participating in the meeting. The Organizing Committee shall report to the Award Jury.

4.1.2 The Organizing Committee:
  • holds the Jury meetings;
  • drafts the Award Guideline and submits it to the Jury for approval;
  • decides on the contest dates, organizes the Award nomination procedure;
  • accepts, analyzes and summarizes the proposals on the Award nominees, distributes the nominees according to the nominations;
  • collects and prepares the Award nominees profiles as reference materials for the Jury;
  • establishes the voting procedure for determining the Award winners and diploma holders and summing up the results;
  • ensures the voting by the Jury members, summarizes the results and creates the Award conclusion;
  • prepares and conducts activities for the project implementation, the awarding ceremony for the Award winners and diploma holders;
  • provides media coverage of the project and its results.

4.2 Jury

4.2.1 When preparing the Award, the Organizing Committee shall propose the Jury composition, which shall articulate the Award strategic direction, track the compliance of the Organizing Committee with the Award basic principles, and serve as the guarantor of the Award solid public objectives.

4.2.2 The Jury members are representatives of legislative and executive authorities, leading industry and financial experts, public opinion leaders, media experts and representatives. The Jury members are leaders of the Award founders, partners and sponsors.

4.2.3 The Jury shall be chaired by a Chairman elected by a majority vote of its members. Decisions of the Jury shall be made by a majority vote of its members.

4.2.4 The Jury:
  • reviews and approves the Award Guideline;
  • participates in the Award nomination procedure;
  • analyzes and evaluates the nominees performance for the related nominations and votes for the Award winners and diploma holders.

5. Award Nomination Procedure
5.1 The Award nominees shall is proposed by the Award Jury members. The self-nomination is also possible.

5.2 When a nominee has been proposed by a Jury member, the Organizing Committee shall notify the CEO of the nominated company about it. Should the nominated company agrees, it shall complete the registration form on the event website.

5.3 A company may declare its desire to take part in the contest by filling out a registration form on the event website.

5.4 The Organizing Committee considers the received application and — if it complies with the contest parameters -sends a questionnaire to the applicant for completion.

5.5 The Organizing Committee shall verify the data in the questionnaire and provide them to the Jury members along with other information the Organizing Committee deems possible and appropriate to provide to the Jury members.

6. Awarding Procedure

6.1 The Award winners shall be identified by the Jury through a secret electronic voting.

6.2 The Organizing Committee shall set set up the Electronic Voting Support Group to prepare the program for supporting the electronic voting and result counting.

6.3 The Organizing Committee shall receive the Jury voting results, consider the voting to be valid and decide on the award to be given in every nomination. The decision of the Organizing Committee shall be recorded.

6.3.1 The applicant/nominee with the highest number of first rankings shall be declared the winner. In case two nominees/applicants receive an equal number of first rankings in voting, the winner will be the one who has received the higher number of points. In case two applicants/applicants have the same number of points and first rank votes, both of them shall be recognized as winners. The Award winners shall be given honorary prizes and diplomas.

6.3.2 Two nominees/applicants with the maximum number of points — except for the winner — shall be recognized as diploma holders. In case of equal number of points, the winner determination procedure shall be applied. The diploma holders shall be given related diplomas.

6.4 The Organizing Committee has the right to exclude a nominee/applicant from contest participants or from the list of winners (diploma holders), if during the period from the result evaluation till the result announcement, the nominee/applicant experienced a serious accident related to the traffic safety or was declared bankrupt or liquidated. In such cases, the Jury's vote for that nominee/applicant shall be annulled. In line with clause 5.3 of this Guideline, the Organizing Committee shall reconsider the voting results and amend the Award conclusion accordingly. The decision of the Organizing Committee shall be recorded.

7. Awarding Ceremony
The Awarding Ceremony for Winners and Diploma Holders shall be held as a solemn event open for public, business and media.

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